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  • SURF GUIDING inclusive, twice a day, every day!
  • Your ORGANISED surf holiday. Eat, sleep, surf
  • 20 years EXPERIENCE in Bali
    international & local surf coaches
  • Includes surf
  • Free use of VANS & BIKES
Just surf
we take care
of the rest
& camps
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Because after a day at KIMA I am always completely surfed out and happy. Additionally you can be sure to surf as much as possible and never miss a good surf in a variety of spots around the island.

Anita Fuchs,
Owner Golden Ride Magazine Germany

Are your surf camps suited to all levels of surfing ability?

Good news: yes they are. The endless surf spots on Bali have the right wave for all levels. Kuta’s mile-long beach and some very soft reef breaks are ideal for beginners. If the swell is too big at the beach our surf guides always know the one or other spot with nice little breaks for our beginners. In Padang you should prepare yourself for longer driving times if you want to surf at beginner friendly spots.

How do I get a visa?

For almost all European and North American nationals a visa-on-arrival is issued. You can get a free visa when you arrive at an Indonesian airport. It is valid for 30 days. There is also an option for a paid visa-on-arrival. With that you can extend your stay once on location for another 30 days and can be obtained at Denpasar (Bali), Jakarta (Java), Padang (Sumatra), Kupang (Rote) or Mataram (Lombok). In order to avoid fines on arrival make sure that your passport is valid for longer than 6 months from arrival date.

What kind of surfboards does Kima have for rent?

Our surfboards are all made of high-quality epoxy or polyester resin. On the one hand this means the best possible performance on the water, but on the other hand, if they’re not handled properly, they’re easily damaged. Repairs have to be paid for by the user. So be careful with the boards. For a small amount fee you can “insure” your hired board. In case you lose the board or parts of it you have to take over the costs despite the insurance.

What’s the currency on Bali?

The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The fluctuating exchange rate is approx. 15.000 Rupiah for 1 Euro.

What’s the weather like on Bali?

April to November is the dry season on Bali, with an air temperature of approx. 30°C and 2-3 days’ rain a month. November to April is the humid season on Bali. That means it rains more often than in the previous months, but mostly in the morning or evening, at sunrise or sunset. In between the sun always shines and everything’s budding and blooming. The rain normally lasts no longer than half an hour, but then it pours down quite heavily. It can rain at daytime sometimes, as the weather anywhere is always a bit of gamble. Sometimes it won’t rain the whole week and then later it rains a few days in a row...who knows?

What’s the nightlife like in Kuta and Seminyak?

Depends what you want: you can either sip a quiet cocktail in Seminyak, or go dancing to house music or a live band in Kuta. There you find a massive amount of clubs, bars and discos which means you can party all night long.

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