Enjoy the ocean in a different way with our new free diving activity. You’ll get to explore the underwater world without the scuba tank or any other bulky equipment. This is because free diving is diving underwater with nothing but snorkel gear and using the techniques of holding your breath to swim. It allows you to be closer with nature and not disturb the sea life. It’s a way to appreciate the reef and the ocean more, not being confined to any gear.

You are able to freely swim and dive, enjoying the experience. You will get trained in the basics of free diving before starting your adventure. Being able to free dive, you’re not restricted to how you can enjoy the ocean, all you need is a quick course, a mask and a pair of fins before you’re set free to explore.

Theory and practice, drinking water, wet suit and fins.
For beginners: 1x practice free diving in the pool plus 1x ocean free diving.

Note: When choosing this activity our booking team will contact you by e-mail within the next 24 hours to discuss the details with you. Afterwards we will add the price for this activity to your bill.

Prices start from €82