Spectacular volcano trekking in Bali on the Gunung Agung

Our surf camp volcano trekking tour to the Gunung Agung volcano offers the ideal sport balance to your week’s surfing. Take off with Kima Bali surf camps on a challenging Bali volcano trekking hike up to over 3,100 m. This trekking tour will take about 6 hours of climbing. Sturdy shoes are a must!

Alternatively, you also can take a trekking tour on the smaller Mount Batur which is far easier (2-3 hours of climbing).

All Bali volcano tours start at night in order to reach the summit at sunrise. This way we make sure you will enjoy the amazing view over Bali and Lombok at its best.

All volcano trekking tours are only possible in the dry season (March to November).

Tour package:

  • Transport to the volcano
  • Trekking tour with torches
  • Provisions en route
  • Return to surf camp

Note: This item will be added directly to your bill after discussing the details with the Kima booking team. We will get in touch with you by email over the next 24 hours.

Prices start from €59