Individual surf lessons in Bali

At Padang Kima surf camp Bali you have the opportunity to surf the homebreaks Padang Padang and Bingin close to the camp with an experienced surf guide. Alternatively, you also get to drive to the many world-famous spots of the Balinese southern peninsula Bukit, or enjoy your surf lessons in Bali.

Learn to surf in Bali – the ideal option for complete surf beginners. Qualified surf trainers with decades of experience at the Bali surfing school make it easy to find your feet on the board.

A 2-hour beginners’ surf course as a group class takes place twice a day.

Note: Our booking team will get in touch with you by email over the next 24 hours for all details. The price of this activity will then be added to your bill.

Prices start from € 11