April 1, 2007 0 By ari

KIMA Surfcamp on Bali is now offering free yoga lessons.


The main pillars of this old Indian tradition comprise body control, breathing techniques and concentration – all things that are essential for surfing.


The weekly yoga sessions at the KIMA Camp are specially tuned to what the surfer needs and are held either on the beach before taking to the surf, or at sundown at the Camp Hotel.

For surf-beginners yoga improves their sense of balance, mobility and simply the ability to wind down after a strenuous day’s surfing. An extra plus is the strengthening of muscles specifically needed for surfing.

For advanced surfers yoga helps develop a better body awareness and concentration while surfing. This target of holistic harmony through sheer relaxation becomes a physical and mental source of energy which can only improve your surfing.

At the latest after your fourth soaking or on a tube ride you’re sure to realise it was a good idea to learn the right breathing techniques with yoga!

Exertion – Relaxation, Breathing in – Breathing out, Yoga – Surfing……KIMA