KIMA Guide Outing Lembongan

April 23, 2009 0 By ari

Hi guys,

our regularly guide outing last week end took place at Lazy Lembongan, the small Island in the south east of Bali. Please have a look at the pictures we made.


We booked 2 speed boats (because we were a total of 20 people) which needed around 30 minutes from Bali to Lembongan. Everything was prepared, Nasi Bungus (take-away-rice meals) and enough Bintang (famous local beer).


Guide Nuno as “captain Ahab from Portugal”” has everything under control πŸ™‚


After the Nasi Bungus packs are equally distributed and the last surfboard and guide was stored, we finally could hit the gas .


As we arrived, first thing we saw were the hairy legs of a KIMA mermaid (this one without the usual single fin) and….if you check the background: 2 dolphins fooling around (this is not a joke)…unfortunately they came not closer for a better picture.


First stop were at Ceningan, here you can see guide Conny rippin…


Our next stop was Shipwrecks, I donΒ΄t know why, but it suddenly got crowded somehow πŸ˜‰


“Captain Ahab” is ready for the “Green Room”


Somebody please tell guide Gede that you suppose to lay belly-down on your surfboard πŸ™‚


Guide Leo needed some shadow πŸ˜‰


Guide Fred is rockin’…


Guide Andre on speed…


Nice ride Mr. Joko…our chief guide sends everybody out of his wave just with his crazy grimaces πŸ˜‰


Everybody was looking forward to the cold beer at the end of the day….please understand that we cannot post more pictures after that πŸ˜‰