What to expect from your first surf lesson ?

November 15, 2019 0 By Kima Surf Camp Team

Is surfing in Bali really for everyone? Hear what’s to expect from your first lesson from one of our newcomers, now turned surfing fan.

Fall down seven times, stand up eight: What to expect from your first surf lesson

5.30 in the morning we have to be ready for the surf lesson with the surf school in Bali. It’s still dark, the first signs of daylight are here. Seminyak is starting to wake up. While we walk to the beach, the sun is rising. Everyone is still sleepy, but once we get to Seminyak Beach most of us are getting excited. The surf guides hand out the Kima Surf t-shirts and we’re wondering what’s to expect from our first surf lesson.

Since there are five days of surf school, the group is divided into five. Me and seven others are trying surfing for the very first time today, we get three instructors to guide our small group of beginner surfers. One of them tells us that we have to ask all the questions that come to mind. “Think of us as your friends, we are here to help you!”

Catch the first wave

Getting to know all the ins and outs of surfing in Bali, practicing with the boards on the shore and then it’s time to finally get in the water. After warming up and paddling in the sand like crazy it’s nice to finally touch the cool salty water. First, we just lay on our boards, feel the waves, learn how to paddle and how to keep our balance. But now, it’s time to catch a wave while trying to stand. After practicing on the sand, I feel like I can stand up easily. I could not have been more wrong. It looks easier than it is, guys. You need a lot of strength in your arms and finding your balance can be very hard. I am starting to regret skipping the gym for all those months.

Commitment is key

After falling a hundred times, not standing up right or not even being able to stand up on the board at all, I am getting a little less excited about my surfing adventure in Bali. I’m the only one in my group not catching waves yet and I’m almost ready to accept that I just don’t have any talent for surfing. I feel like a small whale lying on a surfboard not being able to move. But the Kima Surf guides keep patient and motivate me to keep trying. And it turns out: Commitment is key. After a while, I catch one wave after another. This is even more fun than I thought it would be!

Everyone is playing around, there is room for jokes. It’s not only about surfing, also just being in the water and making new friends is already a lot of fun. For these kinds of vibes, I could get up at 5AM (almost) every morning.

Give surfing a try

If you are not sure if surfing is for you, please give it a try anyway. Believe me: If the clumsiest girl you’ll ever meet, who is not athletic at all, is able to catch some waves after her first lesson, you are as well. You won’t regret it for a second.

I’ll have my second surf lesson with the surf school in Bali tomorrow morning. And guess what?! I don’t even mind getting up at 5AM again.

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