Why surfing is good for you (inside and out)

November 29, 2019 0 By Kima Surf Camp Team

Surfing is a lot of fun, but it also does wonders for your body, mind and health. Here are eight reasons why surfing is good for you, both inside and out.

Why surfing is good for you

Aside from surfing being a lot of fun and a potentially social activity, it’s also really good for your health. And not just to get that ribbed ‘Balibody’, but for a lot more important reasons. We’ll tell you why surfing is good for you , inside and out. So, no time for excuses and jump on that board! 

It gives you happy hormones

Physical exercise leads to the release of endorphins, which is what helps you to be in a good mood. They work as natural painkillers and mask discomfort. Because of them you will be in a state of euphoria. Also, a healthy dose of adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine will be produced when surfing. So, surfing is basically a healthy drug.

Surrounded by nature

Being in the ocean definitely comes with a lot of benefits. Studies have shown that exercise in nature can be both emotionally and physically very good for you. Spending time in nature is associated with a decrease in blood pressure and it makes us feel calm, exhilarated and restored. Besides that, who wants to go to an air-conditioned and boring gym when you can chill in the sea instead?

Eat all the delicious Bali food without gaining a gram

An average surfer burns about 400 calories an hour, which benefits weight loss. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a goal for everyone. But it makes it a little bit easier to try all the amazing food Bali has to offer without feeling guilty for a second.

Surfing makes you (and your heart) strong

From all the paddling, you get a great upper body workout. The muscles will show in no time. Not only your arms will get stronger, but so does your heart as well. Surfing keeps it pumping during the exercise stimulating your cardiovascular health and resulting in healthier cholesterol levels and better blood sugar regulation.

Good for your skin

Salty water can have amazing effects on your skin. It cleanses it and can even help with acne. The salt absorbs impurities and can soak up sebum to help control and balance your skin’s oil levels. No need for facials in fancy spas and more time for surfing!

Soak up that vitamin D

Being in the sun all the time means that you have to protect your skin very well, but it also means that you get the chance to soak up a lot of vitamin D. It helps you develop a strong immune system, healthy skin and strong bones. Research has shown that vitamin D can also help with regulating mood and reducing depression.

Makes you more patient

I’m not going to lie, learning to surf is not always easy. It comes with a lot falling and struggling, you can read about how I experienced my first time surfing here (insert link to other blog). It takes a little time to feel completely confident on your board and develop some real skills. And even if you’re an advanced surfer, you have to wait for the waves to come. So, patience is key in surfing. This can also be helpful in some situations outside of the ocean.

Learn about self-love

You don’t only need to be patient to wait for the waves, you also need to accept that you’re not going to catch every single wave. And guess what? That’s okay! There will be times that you’ll only catch one wave in a two-hour surf session and that’s part of the sport. It’s all about accepting that not everything has to be perfect to be fun.