10 main things to do in Canggu

10 main things to do in Canggu

December 13, 2019 0 By Kima Surf Camp Team

Looking to experience the Kima lifestyle outside the camp? Here are the ten main things to do in Canggu during your surf stay!

Kimas’ Kima’s moto is ‘eat, sleep, surf,’ and don’t forget the daily yoga that is also offered. What other things do we need for a relaxation holiday? I’m sure there’s an exploring heart out there like yours who is also wondering what other things there are to do in Canggu. Good for you that our camp is located at Batu Bolong. An evolving area around Canggu for cafes, shops, and many other things. 


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf,” Jon Kabat Zinn said. All you surfers out there, you are at the right place to surf. Canggu has many of the best waves to surf on! Put your zinc on your face, wave that wax on your board, pick that board up and let’s find your perfect wave in Canggu.   

Batu Bolong 

Location: In front of the Old Man’s Bar 
Wave’s status: Consistent 
Crowd level: high with many surf lessons 

Berawa Beach

 Location: near Finns Beach Club 
Wave’s status: Long Beach Break 
Crowd level: Lots of peaks to choose from. Great to escape crowds. 

Echo Beach 

Location: North of Canggu 
Wave’s status: powerful waves and Beach beach Breaks breaks 
Best for: Intermediate Surferssurfers
Crowd level: Moderate 

Old Man’s 

Location: between Batu Bolong and Echo Beach 
Wave’s status: Easiest wave to surf in Canggu that has fat waves with little power.
Best for: Beginners 
Crowd: Many surf lessons 


All you surfers out there must not only party on the wave! One of the best things to do in Canggu? Party!


Minimart is just that. It is simply a minimart with a long table at the front of it and loud music. It is the people that makes the ambiance a ‘lit’ place. It’s perfect for a cheap pre drink before the real party.

Old Man’s 

Old Man’s is probably the anchor of the whole party scene  in Canggu. Their weekdays two-for for-one happy hour is what everyone is doing other than viewing the beautiful sunset. Their most special day is Wednesday beer pong night! Others include Fridays band band nights and Sunday hip hop night. 


Pretty Poison 

Do you dream of skating in California? You don’t need to go so far anymore. Pretty Poison is just down the street. This retro rock place is surrounded by a myriad of people on the skating arena. Sipping on those beer while seeing people fly by with their skateboards, loud conversation, and energetic music is all the vibe you need. Their main day is Thursday. 

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Deus Ex Machina  

Do you speak Latin? Deus Ex Machina literally means “God from the machine.” The name collides with what it truly is. It’s where machines meet fine dining. This place includes galleries, a motorbike garage, skate ramp, photo studio, surf shop, and of course a restaurant and bar. Sundays are the good nights for Deus for its live rock band gig. Sip on beers, cocktails, fine wines, or even hard liquor. Your choice!


Did you say amazing pizza and boogie on electric and techno music? Who would’ve said no! Come on Mondays and just simply see what they mean!


Now who likes to salsa and move that hips left and right? That’s right! If you’re looking for a Latin place, Canggu does have it indeed! They have live music and DJ spinning on the best Latin hits. Do go there on Thursday and you’ll find yourself moving your hips nonstop till the next Thursday. Good luck, amigos! 


This place is more of an after-party place. Since Old Man’s had been entertaining the guests since sunset, they are nice enough to give the honor to other bars by midnight. Sandbar stands right next to Old Man’s, so it is convenient for people to move there for an after party. It will play their music along the beach till dawn do us part! 



This beach club is by far everyone’s favorite beach club in Canggu. If you haven’t been there while you’re in Canggu, did you really go to Canggu? This bamboo-made beach club lies along Berawa Beach with four pools, two swim-up bars,  five restaurant, sushi bar, daily DJs, live music, and daily beautiful sunset. If you have some extra cash, the VIP section is worth it if you’re looking to spend the whole day at the place! They will treat you like royalty. 

The Lawn 

Not only is it within walking distance from the camp, it is “the best sunset destination of the Bali’s west coast,” as their website says. This is indeed true. Batu Bolong is one of the best places for the Bali sunset. It’s a place to look over the ocean, black sands, lie down, dance, drink, or savor on one of your favorites from the menu. They have daybeds for you and your friends to share. Make sure to go there on Fridays! Who doesn’t love half price drinks?

La Brisa 

 “La Brisa is home to an absolutely breathtaking décor, sustainably sourced food and genuine Balinese hospitality,” – La Brisa. Their drinks are a true island bars experience with homemade herbs and exotic fruits. They serve seafood that is 100% local products. They support locals through buying the fish from the Balinese fishermen and using local ingredients to produce the food you’ll consume. Support local products! The place is also truly an experience where you can visit one old rusty Balinese fisherman home that is hand decorated with ocean vibes. This place is highly recommended. 



Massages? Self-explanatory. Here are the three most recommended place around our camp! 

Amo Spa

Their spa menu is unbelievable! The experience starts by you entering the lounge with café on the first floor and some shops. The receptionist will bring you upstairs for a spa lounge and there they have a massaging, mani-pedi, and hair treatment space. This place is highly recommended. 

Espace Spa

Their spa is more focused on body therapy and warm stone massages. It’s great when you want a professional full body therapeutic massage. It’s also the closest one to our camp! 

Gold Lust Beauty Lounge

Gold Lust is also an experience best for you girls who are traveling together. Want to have a massage party? They have it in the menu, girls! Feel the 24 karats magic on your face for a 2.5-hours facial and mani-pedi. 


Cross fit Wanderlust

This is one of the best equipped cross fit gyms in Canggu and probably even Bali. They offer classes from 7 am to 8 pm 24/7.  

Samadi Yoga

If you’re looking into yoga and meditation, Canggu is also the best place to be other than Ubud of course. There are many yoga studios, but this one is highly recommended. It offers daily yoga classes, good vegetarian food, and holistic wellness treatment. 

Canggu Nest

If you’re looking for a gym, simply go to Canggu Nest. Once you become a member, they give you discounts for many eateries around Canggu. They’re equipped for you to do all the exercise you want to do. 


Canggu caters to all you meat lovers, vegetarian, or even vegans. As many vegans said, this is heaven. Where you usually have one or two options in a restaurant, there’s hundreds of vegan options in Canggu. Not only that, many restaurants here also offer wholefood, gluten free, and much healthier options but of course taste amazing! Here are some eateries you don’t want to miss while you’re in Canggu.  

Shady Shack (vegetarian-friendly and vegan options)

Just a couple blocks down the camp road, this cozy restaurant offers healthy and tasty food along with their intricate hipster vibes right in front of the rice fields.

One of the most popular hipster breakfast joints in Canggu. Healthy, tasty and great vibes, although not the cheapest place on this list for breakfast! 



Crates Café or Lifescrate is one of everyone’s favorite eatery in Canggu. The money you spend on your food here is well worth it with an experience that offers the right amount of portions, most likely healthy. From 50,000 to 100,000 Rupiah, you can easily fill your stomach up. 

Taco Casa 

Did I hear Mexican food? ¡Si! Taco casa will give you the burritos you need! You won’t go hungry! 

The Compass 

The Compass has an American menu especially for those who seek the one and only mac and cheese.  

The American-inspired menu is full of all the tasty treats, including an epic mac and cheese. It might sound a bit unexciting, but their cheese sandwich and tomato soup is freaking incredible! Oh, and if you’re a Bloody Mary fan, try out their loaded ones – complete with burger slider and bacon!

Warung Varuna 

If you’re traveling with a budget or you want to try a taste of Indonesian food, Warung Varuna is the place you want to go to. They offer a local buffet for you to choose your food. There are options for vegetarian too! Unfortunately, not so much for vegan. Once you’re done choosing your food they calculate the whole thing and averagely it will be totaling around 25k – 40k on average. You might need to line up for your food since the place gets really busy. Not to worry, there will be seats for you since it has two floors to receive their guests. 

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Other vegan-friendly options

  • I Am Vegan Babe 
  • Plant Cartel 
  • Peloton Supershop 
  • In the Raw Beach Garden 
  • Give Cafe 


Canggu is a home for what they called as a digital nomad’s place, so if you have to work on holiday it’s a perfect place to be! All the hipster cafés, chill places, benches on beaches, and co- working space will give you a leisure working experience! 


Watching the sunset is one of the main things to do in Canggu, as we have one of the best here. Of course, the best one would be in Uluwatu alongside the Balinese Kecak dance ritual, but Canggu also has good spots. These are five best spots to see the sunset in Canggu. 

  1. La Brisa 
  2. The Lawn 
  3. Old Man’s 
  4. Echo Beach 
  5. La Laguna 


There’s also lots of places for you to make your tattoos. From the thinnest to the boldest lines. 


Last but not least, I’m sure some of you are looking to buy things around here. Especially here in Bali where the clothing designs meets everyone’s expectations and it’s heaven for handcrafted things. If you are in Canggu make sure to be the BGS Apparel, Deus Apparel, Wanderlust Swimwear, Lost in Paradise, and Bamboo Blonde Crew. 

Those are some of the many things to do in Canggu. Have fun, surfers!