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3 ft. Waves at Canggu This Morning

Hi KIMAs, This morning around 3 ft. waves in Canggu in light onshore wind conditions. Waiting periods in between sets around 2 minutes. Not too many people out in the early morning: 6 surfers at Echo Beach, 9 at Sandbar, and 8 at Pererenan. Picture (below) taken at Sandbar, with 3 star (out of 5)…

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The Weekend Swells Are Still On: 5 ft. in Canggu this Morning

Good morning KIMA surfers, The weekend brought many smiles on our surfers’ faces providing us with great swell in various spots. The good news: these swells are still on. This morning, Sandbar in Canggu provided up to 5 ft. waves in gentle onshore winds. While waiting periods in between sets were up to 3 minutes,…

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4 ft. Waves at Canggu This Morning

Hi KIMAs, this morning Canggu provided around 4 ft. waves in light onshore winds. Short waiting periods of only around 1 minute in between sets. Wave quality 3 stars out of 5 with 5 people surfing Echo Beach, and 10 and 7 people at Sandbar and Pererenan respectively. Stay stoked! Your KIMA team

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3 ft Waves at Sandbar, Canggu This Morning

Hi and welcome to the new week, KIMA surfers! We hope you spent a great weekend doing whatever you love. 🙂 This morning Canggu provided up to 3 ft waves in light off shore winds. About 10 people out at Sandbar, 8 at Pererenan and 7 at Echo Beach, with 3 minutes waiting periods in…

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Canggu Is ON Today!

Good morning KIMA surfers, Today, the swells have picked up and Canggu is on! Pererenan is pumping with up to 6 ft. waves this morning in very light offshore winds. As it seems, this held off the crowds since in the early morning only 5 people surfed the 4 star (out of 5) waves at…

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