Pics from @trshbg_tbag

Bali is pure paradise with beautiful surf spots, palm trees, white beaches and turquoise water.
And Bali also gives us this special “magical” feeling that casts a spell over us, either coming from the kind-hearted locals, the tropical surroundings or the fascinating waves forming a beautiful barrel over a coral reef.

Despite Bali’s beauty, we should not neglect the sad reality that especially developing countries suffer from high trash pollution: According to the Ocean Health Index (2019), 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean each year. And this sad reality also hits our “island of gods”.


As surfers we should act as environmentalists. We depend on what mother nature gives us and should do our very best to work together and keep the ocean clean.

We at Kima take sustainability, recycling and ocean protection seriously and are very excited about a new project, the “T-bag”, started by Trieu, an entrepreneur and environmentalist from Amsterdam.
In May 2018 he started working on a project to support our marine life with the mission to “make every surfer and diver an ocean cleaner (…).” He developed wearable trash bags for water sports that are 80% made of recycled materials such as old banners and inner tubes.

You can tighten the bag around the leg or hip and enjoy your surf session as you would normally do.
And the results are actually very impressive: A short one-hour surf session filled a whole bag with 4 kg full of food wraps, cups and plastic bags. Just imagine if only 5 people would do it every day for 1 hour, we could already collect 20 kg of trash. Now imagine this for several surf spots, islands, countries and continents… certainly a great way to support waste management all over the world!
Collecting trash while surfing cleanses the soul… and the ocean!

Just think about the thrill we get from the waves, the taste of salt water when the water hits our face and those moments of awe when we stand on the white sand surrounded by palm trees…
And we want this to last for the next years, decades and generations, right?
So, no excuses for times with flat conditions anymore, no “too choppy”, no “too windy”; these days are perfect to support our mother nature and we highly encourage everyone to do so!

Come on, guys: Eat. Sleep. Surf. And keep the ocean alive.