We are now using Awayco at Kima!

Wondering what Awayco is all about? Awayco is a membership program that lets you search and reserve a global network of high quality gear (surfboards, skis, snowboards etc.) so you can travel lighter and discover and try new equipment before you buy.

It´s very easy, you just book the equipment at awayco.comand then you pick it up from the connected Affiliate (AKA Kima Surf!), just bring your confirmation email and your ID and you´re good to go!

You can use the equipment for as long as you´ve booked it, and just return it when you´re done. To use Awayco you have to become a member, and you can choose from two different kinds of memberships. There is the Awayco Flex Membership and the Awayco Prime Membership. Look below for the details:

Awayco covers minor to moderate damage, but if the equipment is damaged beyond repair (as determined by the Awayco Affiliate), Flex members will be charged $300 USD to contribute to the replacement cost. The Prime members don’t need to pay anything.

You can book up to five (!) pieces of equipment at once, and your surfboard always comes with fins and a leash. Most of them also come with wax, but if you want to put on more you can either bring your own or buy some from the Affiliate. Unfortunately at the moment you can not switch your equipment for something other than the equipment that you’ve booked. But don’t worry, we’re working on a solution for this!

If you bring back the equipment late, you will be charged a late fee which is 2x the price of the first day of the booking. Example: If Day 1 of your booking is $20 USD, the late fee is $40 USD/day.

There is a cancellation fee. Flex members pay for the first day of their booking if they don’t cancel 48 hours prior to the start date. Prime members can cancel for free up to 24 hours prior, after which they are also charged for that first day. If you haven’t picked up your gear by the end of the first day of the booking, the reservation will be canceled and you will be charged. We ask you to please contact the Affiliate if you’re going to be late to make arrangements.

Each location has different prices, you can see them online when booking. For Kima locations we have the following:

1 Day booking: $25 AUD

2 Day booking: $45 AUD

3 Day booking: $60 AUD

4 Day booking: $70 AUD

5 Day booking: +$10 every additional day

So head over to awayco.com and become a member today! See you at the camps!