the perfect combination: yoga and surf

At Kima Surf we believe that Surf and Yoga are an important combination.

While surfing we need strength but we also need the body to be fluid, just like water, so we can ride the rhythm of the wave. We also need our mind to be calm and clear. If our thoughts become full of doubt our body will instantly follow.

Yoga helps to keep this balance of strength and fluidity in the body and clarity of the mind.

From a physical perspective, yoga creates more flexibility in the areas where surfers need this most. Through the spine, the hips and the shoulders. Yoga also focuses a lot on balancing poses. This is vital to our position on the board.

Join us every Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 am at both of our camp, Seminyak, and Canggu for a morning practice!  We provide comfortable matts.

Practice yoga and surf at Kima surf. You will see and feel how both disciplines increase and improve their self exponentially!