Just this week I saw a job posting for a big vegan company in the UK looking for a Director of Taste, whose job would be to travel the world and explore different tastes of plant-based food. It sounds almost unreal, not to mention that it was, on the top of everything, astronomically paid. But the main point of me writing about this is the thought that came into my mind directly after reading that ad: Why to travel around the world, when Canggu has got it all!?

This place used to be a little village not too long ago and the Batu Bolong temple used to be a secret surf spot, which now seems almost impossible to imagine. Little village with huge potential turned into a perfect prototype of hipster land including amazing coffee, instagrammable café interiors and the best food one can imagine.

A lot has been said and written about the hip places of Canggu but let me give you a little plan-based tour around this food paradise and don’t think for a minute that, if you are a meat lover, this is not for you. Get your taste buds ready!
In case you are wondering who is going to be your tour guide, my name is Dasa and I have been working at Kima for the past two years. I am implementing some new cool options into our menu, so everybody has got something yum to choose from. No need to leave the camp at all to try some delicious dishes (like our Buddha bowl on the picture below), but if you feel like wandering the town a little – let’s do it ☺.

First things first: breakfast. One of the best spots is I am vegan babe. Those guys have literally everything you can dream of. I didn’t know until stepping into that place that you could get sunny side up eggs and bacon that are vegan and taste craaaazy good. Don’t forget to get their cinnamon roll too!

When you are a vegan with a hangover (yes, vegans also sometimes party and not just protest for animal rights or listen to the birds singing in the morning), the idea of a carrot after a crazy night out does not sound any good. Luckily, there is Give cafe and their Mc Muffin, which is like going to a plant-based version of McDonalds. Hip hip hooray! You can also make your day a bit special with pink latte or unicorn pancakes.

Shady shack is always a good idea. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack – you can’t go wrong here. Their chocolate mousse is to die for and don’t even get me started on those crispy mushrooms they serve with the best dressing ever.

If you are a coffee lover, you need to visit BGS and order their latte with almond milk. They use almond milk with raw dates, vanilla and cinnamon. The coffee tastes literally like Christmas in a cup and you never get enough of it.

I should not forget to list La Barraca and Luigi’s pizza. Both restaurants offer optional vegan cheese for their amazing pizza and pasta.

Let’s now move to the other side of the rice field shortcut, as there are couple places definitely worth mentioning. How about starting with Brawa’s famous Peloton? I am not even sure what to recommend here without writing down their whole menu. Arancini balls – a piece of Sicily with traditional Napolitana sauce and another Italian delight – Nona’s Spaghetti Carbonara – both brought to perfection. If you prefer Mexican cuisine, you should not miss out on Nacho Libre. Super delicioso!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, then I’ve got some good news for you. Right next door to Peloton is Secret Spot and their famous Chocolate cake. When ordering, do not forget to ask the staff for extra chocolate sauce – yum! Also, their breakfast pancakes or waffles are crazy good, especially their home-made coconut yoghurt they serve with it. Oh, you can also get your yoghurt-based ice cream and choose all your toppings. They always change the ice cream flavors, so it doesn’t get boring.

If you don’t feel like spending big bucks and you love Indian, try Piring Daun. My favorite here is the Yellow dahl. I basically developed an addiction for it. The naan that comes with it includes milk powder, but they let you exchange it with rice.

There are so many other places worth visiting that I didn’t manage to include in this article, but stay tuned for another food blog post. Now it is time to hit the road and explore the tastes of the island.