What better way is there to get your mind and body ready for the challenges of the ocean than relaxing and stretching in one of our yoga classes? We now offer yoga at both of our camps, 6 days a week (Sunday is our instructors day off!). We offer three different kinds of yoga, so it’s easy to find a class suitable for your body but also for your mood.

We have Hatha Yoga which is the most popular style of yoga, and the style that many of other forms of yoga originated from. Here you combine different sets of movements with breathing exercises and meditation. The letters Ha means sun and Tha means moon. The purpose with this yoga is to find inner peace by balancing the energy from these two.

In the Yin Yoga we focus more on holding each position for several minutes, but also on total relaxation. We never stretch or pull our body in different directions, we let it be and perform a passive kind of stretching. Yin Yoga fills you with new energy, and calms your mind.

The Ahstanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga and is often described as the most physically challenging type of yoga. Typical for the Ashtanga yoga is that you perform a certain amount of movements in a specific order, where your breathing gets synchronised with the movements.

Let’s take a moment and give our body and minds our complete focus. Let’s just be right here, right now and let other problems or thoughts wait, for just one hour. Give your body and mind the attention that it deserves.