Do you love cooking and food? If the answer is yes you should definitely join a Balinese cooking class during your holiday in Bali.


Balinese food will open a new world of taste for you, giving you the opportunity to cook with coconut, lemon grass, garlic, turmeric, pepper, shallot, different nuts, nutmeg, ginger, Indonesian bay leaves and more!

In the Balinese kitchen, the raw materials are all fresh and come from the local area. The class is run from a traditional family home in Ubud, teaching you all secrets of Balinese organic cooking.

Bali compared to the rest of Indonesia eats a lot more pork, and uses more spice, so if you like chilies you’re in the right place! Balinese cuisine is also not as sweet as the rest of Indonesia, with a bigger focus on more savoury dishes.

Don’t worry if you have minimal cooking knowledge before the class. The class will give you a great introduction to Balinese and Indonesian cooking, and get to taste some of the best dishes Bali can offer you!

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Cooking classes in Bali usually includes a visit to a traditional market, where you can buy fresh local fruits, vegetables, meats and spices. The market with all its fresh produce is an experience in itself.

The best thing about the cooking class is that you can get a real feel of Bali’s food culture and how Balinese people live.

When you go return home you wont just have your amazing memories to share with friends and family, you will be able to cook them a proper traditional Balinese meal. You can give them a real feel of where you where, and show them what they where missing!

Give it a try, we promise you will not be disappointed, and who doesn’t like filling them selves up with tasty food?

We will start offering the cooking class as one of the culture trips from the camp soon, so stay tuned and book your class at the front office at our camps!