day trip to balian

On days where you feel like hitting the open road and escaping the crowds, why not consider a road trip to Balian? Only an hour and a half away from Seminyak and Canggu, this mostly deserted beach has similar waves but without the mayhem, however if you’re still a beginner it might not be the best place for you as the currents can be strong.

Getting there

The easiest way to get there is by car. Getting there by bike is possible but it’s quite a journey and you’ll come across many big trucks traveling from Java. It’s best to hire a driver for the day to take you there safely, it’s only $40 to $50 for 10 hours.

Things to do

Besides surfing, there isn’t a whole lot to do aside from chilling and enjoying the coastal view. The picturesque black sands stretch for miles, so enjoy a walk along the beach to find a moment of peace. If you end up at Soka Beach, finding a quiet spot to relax won’t be difficult as the beach stretches on for 30 miles.

While there are cafés and restaurants such as Pondok Pitayas and Tekor in the area, Balian is still a small village. Around 7pm things start to pretty quiet so it’s a perfect time to head back after a long day.

If you’re keen to hire a driver to take you there for a day, simply speak to a member of our staff and we’ll be able to arrange it for you!