explore night markets and food specials in bali

When you have spent your whole day surfing and hanging out in the sun it is time to see some local life and have dinner in the evening.

A perfect choice is to visit a night market. You find a lot of day and night markets in Bali, they offer you all from cheap good local food, clothes, fruits, jewelry, art… you name it even tobacco chews to buy by the amount you want.

We want to introduce a night market in Seminyak to you. It is located a 20 minutes’ walk and 10 minutes by motorbike or taxi from Kima Seminyak surf camp, on the street Jl. Nakula

(see map).

At this market, you can find tasty tropical fruits and clothes etc… but the best is the local food. You will find many small warungs with local food for a cheap price with the best fresh fishes and seafood. You will get to choose your fish or seafood by yourself and also choose how spicy you want it, then they will grill it for you.

The prices are from 3€-5€ depends on the size of the fish. One big fish is usually enough for two persons. They will be served with rice, nuts, vegetables and the best sambal you will find in Bali. This sambal is a chilli sauce with oil, red onion, and fresh chilli.

You may wonder what you should do with the small cup with water and lime they bring you with the food, it is to wash your fingers in. The locals usually eat this kind of food with the fingers.

You might be suspicious when you first arrive as it may be not the fanciest place to eat but you really get the local vibes here and the food is amazing!

It is also a different feeling to be on a market in the night time than in the daytime when it is dark outside you will have a cozy feeling in the intimate small restaurants at the market. Sometimes they even have a carousel for children with music and cool lights at the night market in Seminyak.


Give it a try and explore something new and different to remember from your amazing holiday in Bali.