exploring the north of bali

The north of Bali is far quieter than the south, with far fewer tourists. If you have time to make it up there, you wont be disappointed!

Lovina, a three-hour drive from Canggu, located on the north coast, is famous for its dolphins and its relaxing atmosphere. The lack of waves up north makes it a perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, and chilling out on its tranquil black sand beaches. The Lovina dolphin tours are one of the highlights of the north; waking up before sunrise, heading out on a boat, watching the sun rise over the mountains, and seeing the dolphins come to the surface one by one. It might be an early morning, but well worth it!

After the early start, there are many other things to discover near by. The Banjar Hot springs, located just a few kilometres from Lovina beach is the perfect spot to take it easy! The springs due to the waters sulphuric content are not only pleasurable, but also therapeutic and have been said to have cured many ailments, from skin problems to joint and muscle pain. They are set in an idyllic setting of lush tropical gardens, just one kilometre away from Brahmavihara-Arama, Bali’s largest Buddhist monastery, nestled high in the hills above Lovina.

The waterfalls are another highlight of north Bali, with dozens that you can visit and trek to. Gitgit is one of the more famous ones, a serene place surrounded by tropical trees and plants, reaching 35 meters high. The surrounding area is protected, so has been un-spoilt, with the opportunity of spotting wild monkeys on the way down. Gitgit is not far from Lovina, so may be a good idea to stop by on the way back home!

If this looks like something you don’t want to miss, The Green Room front office staff can help arrange transportation for any guests wishing to take a trip up north!