How can we help the environment in Bali?

Bali is a beautiful island and it’s no surprise that it attracts so many people from all across the globe. However the main problem this island is facing is the growing trash pollution on and around Bali. It can be pretty depressing seeing the amounts of trash on the beaches, in the ocean and in the rivers – especially if it has been raining. At our camp we do what we can not to add to the growing problem by providing non-plastic straws, offering refillable water bottles and the use of reusable bags free of charge for guests when they go shopping.

Plastic negatively affects all of us, not just the ocean and its sea life. The toxins in plastic are known to create illness as they are not biodegradable. With small particles of plastic being consumed by fish and other marine life we are slowly poisoning ourselves when we eat sea life. Toxins seen in plastic are becoming the norm in our food chain and even changing the ecosystems as it is killing many species. Plastic never breaks down; the material will never stop releasing toxins into our environment.  Not only does it create pollution in the ocean but on the land, in the water we drink and in the air. The waste management in Bali is not great so the trash is not disposed of as well as it could be. Many locals you will even see burning trash. All of this is creating more pollution that directly impacts the island, its wildlife and the people who live here.

So what can you do outside the camp to help us in our efforts to minimize this problem and maintain the beauty of the island?

1) Say no to plastic bags – use one of our free shopping bags!

kima bag

2) Don’t purchase plastic bottles – use our refillable water bottles!

3) Consider what you buy before purchasing – is the packaging made with unnecessary plastic? Do you need to buy it?

4) Join one of our weekly beach cleans!

5) If you see some trash on the beach or in the water pick it up – even if it’s just a couple pieces this still makes a difference!

6) Talk about the problem to locals, education is very important. Lack of knowledge about the plastic problem is one of the main issues in preventing the growth of this trash epidemic.  In some villages it is not common knowledge that the trash that is put into rivers will eventually reach the oceans. More people need to be aware that plastic is not biodegradable! It makes us as well as the ocean ecosystems sick.

7) Donate to organizations trying to better the island through education such as the R.O.L.E. Foundation. A large percentage of the water bottle sales from the camp is given to this great organization.

8) Be aware of the trash you create!