As we know most of the Bali population in Hindu, however part of the population are also Christians and follow their Catholic beliefs. When Christmas season comes, the Balinese people have respect for the Christians and some also join in on the Christmas celebrations! 


Today we will share a few of the Balinese Christmas traditions!

On Christmas day there is a tradition called Ngejot – this is when Christians give their neighbours food on Christmas day. The Christians share food with their neighbours as a symbol of sharing happiness together. The food is delivered in a unique and special container and is carried to the neighbours on their head.

Most of the Christian villages are located in the Southern part of Bali. For the Christmas season most of the decorations will be seen on the roads in this area. These decorations are called Penjor.

Penjor, which is unique to Bali, is made of plaited young coconut leaves and are hung from the pieces of bamboo. The Penjor is set in front of the Christian Balinese homes during their big celebrations. The Balinese people also wear their traditional clothes at this time.

There is also competitions to make a beautiful Christmas tree. People usually use old goods or even bottles to make their Christmas trees!

In the tourist areas, you will find plenty of Christmas events such as meeting Santa, brunches and dinners. Hotels and shops are decorated with Christmas décor and Christmas carols will be played over the speakers. You may even get to hear a Balinese version of your favourite Christmas song!


Merry Christmas from Kima Surf Bali!