Bali is a perfect place to spend your holiday. The food in Bali is amazing and you find so many different and good restaurants. Sometimes during your holiday, it can happen that you get sick. In fact, 50 % of all the people who are traveling in Asia is getting these symptoms. It can be because of a food poisoning, bacteria, parasites or some virus. The symptoms can be nausea, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, cramps and pain in the stomach, fever, headaches and lack of energy.

Who would like to spend the holiday on a paradise island with those terrible symptoms…

That’s why we would like to give you some tips on how you can get over a Bali belly!


  1. Yakult

You can find this product in almost every market in Bali. It is a cheap way and it contains good bacteria that will help your stomach to calm down

  1. Coconut water

You can find coconut water and whole coconuts everywhere in Bali

  1. Probiotics

Any probiotic drink similar to Yokult

  1. Norit or Charcoal tablets

You can get this in your home Country before or in Bali at the pharmacy

  1. Enzyplex with vitamin B

It will relieve stomach and abdominal discomfort

  1. Travelan

You can get Travelan at almost every pharmacy in Bali. You should eat it as a cure, it helps reduce the risk of getting a Bali belly

  1. Imodium

Imodium you can also get before your trip back home and in Bali at almost any pharmacy

  1. Leperomide

Leperomide stops diarrhea and usually works within an hour

  1. Raspberry fruit juice cordial

Can be hard to find in Bali so it is best to buy it in your home country before your holiday

  1. Visit a doctor

If any of the above-mentioned are not working you should visit a doctor


If any of the above-mentioned are not working you should visit a doctor


Hopefully, these tips will help you out if the disgusting Bali belly is hitting you!