How to pick the right surfboard:

As you start getting into surf, you’ll come to realise that not every surfboard is built the same and that each make has its specialty and can determine how much more speed, precision and fluidity it can give you when it comes to catching a wave.

As part of the service, our team Kima will spend quite a bit of time making sure you understand which surfboard works for you including trying the different types available. So what exactly should you be looking out for in order to find the best surfboard? For starters:

1.  Have the right volume

If you’ve been looking at how awesome pro surfers like Kelly Slater rips on his super thin and short surfboard and believe you need one exactly like his, think again.

These boards are built just for the pros and catered to his needs and will not necessarily suit your level of surfing skills and actually may make your surfing experience a lot more difficult!

So before you decide to get that stylish thin surfboard, consider if it will help you float and that the thickness is suited to your weight and body size. 

2.  Picking the right width and height

Since not everyone is built the same, beginners are probably better off working with longer and wider surfboards as it’s easier to balance and you don’t necessarily need too much stamina to catch a wave.

The better you get at surfing the likelier you would be more confident to go a little shorter and less wider so remember that to start you don’t need those short surfboards just yet!

3.  Know the ocean conditions

So there’s the right surfboard then there’s the ocean conditions to consider – and not every board is built for every wave. For example, a long board will not necessarily be great when the waves are quick and massive. You’re better off using something shorter and lighter. So if you’re starting to build a quiver, consider having a range of surfboards that are catered to the destination you’re planning on surfing. It’ll definitely be worth the investment if you’re in it for the long haul!

Still not sure which board works best for you? No worries, simply talk to our team and we’ll give you a more detailed explanation on the best surfboard for you. But trust us when we say this, there is definitely a surfboard out there waiting to take you out to the ocean and once you find it you’ll be ripping the waves.