interview with guests from asenne camp

During the past two weeks, Asenne (Kima Surf partner from Finland) organize a camp meeting at Kima Surf camp, Canggu.

We got the opportunity to interview two of the participants.

So, who are they? What did they think about Kima surf camp and what happened during their two weeks at Kima Surf, Bali?


Who are you?

Sara Vanninen and Elisa Lepistö two famous bloggers from Helsinki, Finland.

They are both interested in traveling, healthy lifestyle, photographing and fashion.


How did you hear about Kima Surf camp?

Sara has been doing co-working with Asenne already for almost 5 years, so she gets to know Kima Surf through them. This was also Sara’s second time at Kima Surf Camp.

Elisa heard about the camp from Sara, actually her blog.


Why Bali?

In Bali, you can find a bit of everything. Beautiful nature, lovely people, the prices are also low if you compare to Finland. Bali is a good place to go for a healthy vacation. You can do sports, eat healthily and the most important, surf.


Not scared about Volcano alert?

A bit, because you could not know what is going to happen when the news about the Volcano alert starts it was still a long time before Sara and Elisa were coming to Bali.

Asenne was in touch with Kima Surf and local people in Bali and able to give them up to date information.


Now that you are here what do you think about it compare to the news in Europe?

When we arrived in Bali people was not really talking about it and then you quickly forget about it. Because it doesn’t affect your life here.


What have you been doing at the camp beside surfing? highlight from your weeks at the camp.

We went on a day trip to Uluwatu it was definitely one of the best things during the weeks!

We get to see pro surfers in action, beautiful views and had a great time at Single Fin.

During the weeks, it has been a great team spirit at the camp. We have been going out for dinners together in big groups and really got the feeling that it would not even matter if you come to the camp alone, you will for sure get a lot of new friends and people to hang out with.

The opportunity to take beautiful pictures has been great during the weeks.

Also, the video analysis and the surf theory has been really good services to improve our surf skills. You really learn when you see yourself surfing on the video and you see by your own eyes what you did wrong and can do better next time you are surfing.


How would you qualify the surf session with Kima and what new have you learned?

The best is when you find a guide with who your personal chemistry match, then it is easier to learn. Of course, all off the guides have a different style to teach. Some people like when they get learned by holding the hand and some learn better when they just do by themselves and get some advice.

A good thing is when the guides gave feedback straight after the wave so you could correct your mistakes still during the same session.

Also, the guides gave you good and detailed feedback after the session.

You don’t just learn to surf you also learn to know the surf terms and you can notice that the teaching is taught to work for long. The guides really want you to learn.


What are the best things with Kima Surf camp, Canggu?

The restaurant with one big table is excellent for making the good team spirit at the camp where everyone can be and eat together. The camp has great facilities, a rooftop terrace you can hang out on with fatboy chairs where you also can get a quiet moment by yourself reading a book if you want. The pool is amazing and the funniest thing is the indoboard!

Sara and Elisa tells us that they want one home, the neighbours is going to be happy in an apartment house in Helsinki ;D


What are your favourite things about Bali?

The local people, because of their happy and positive attitude.

Canggu area and the healthy and beautiful food that you will find in the restaurants and cafes around.

The climate is great. Now during November, the rainy season is starting but it doesn’t matter. It is actually nice when you now and then have a small rain in the hot weather.

The sun is still shining most of the day, also everything gets a beautiful green colour in the nature.


What’s your “must do things” when you visit Bali?

Uluwatu day trip, the sunset is so beautiful!

Ubud day trip there you should visit the rice fields, Coffey plantings, and a waterfall.

When you do a day trip to these destinations you will still have time to surf during the same day.

Pretty poison is a must visit in Canggu! A bar with a skate ramp where you can skate or just watch people skating in a chill and nice atmosphere.

Thank you, Sara and Elisa, for the interview!

Find their blogs here: tickleyourfancy.fi and startlivingyourbestlife.fi