When you are out surfing in the water it is important to remember a few things, did you know that there are unwritten surf rules that every person who is surfing should know about? Otherwise it is all going to be a complete chaos. Also, it can be really dangerous if you don’t follow the rules; accidents, injuries, misunderstanding and nothing nice…

So, what are these rules all about?

First of all, the surfer closest to the peak is always the one that gets the priority. So, if you are paddling for a wave breaking to the right, and another surfer on your left is also paddling for it must let him or her get the wave.

Don’t drop in to another surfer’s wave, don’t ruin for others because you don’t want others to do it for you.

Don’t be rude, you can select the best position in the line-up but don’t paddle around and always think that all waves are yours. There are many surfers in the water so be patient, there are coming more waves.

If you kick out or fall try to control your board, if the board hits you or another surfer it can be really bad consequences. Communicate with other surfers in the water, if you and another surfer is sitting in the middle of the peak and the wave open to both sides, you should tell each other’s if you are going left or right.

Always remember to always protect yourself and others. You can also use your surfboard to protect yourself in the water.

Also respect the beach and the locals, don’t leave garbage on the beach or throw it in to the water.

Mistakes happens to all and if you do something “against the rules” just apologies and for sure everything will be fine!

Just try to remember these simple rules in the water so everyone can have fun and enjoy the surf, because at the end surfing is all about having fun!


Stay safe and enjoy the waves!