In one month it will be the world oceans day!

According to the R.O.L.E foundation, every day Indonesia produces 130’000 tons of solid and liquid waste. Approximately 50% of this reaches landfill sites the rest is either burned or illegally dumped and flows into the ocean. This massive volume of waste entering our oceans and skies threatens any chance of sustainable future.

At Kima surf, we believe how important it is to protect what we love and we are trying to change our habits orientated towards a plastic-free lifestyle. Using reusable straws, cups, bottles and other alternatives, instead of plastic. Trying to limit our plastic footprint as much as possible and we encourage you to do the same!

We are also donating a one night stay in the Canggu Villa for the R.O.L.E Foundation online auction for their Ocean day event!

The R.O.L.E Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. Their missions are to inspire the local government to incorporate the “Zero Waste to Ocean” waste management into their process that waste is recycled, grow children and local communities into ‘Zero Waste’ believers and promote sustainable jobs and businesses that do not harm any of our natural resources.

Small actions have a bigger impact and do make difference!