You love to surf right? Then you´ve found the right place, because so do we! Surfing is a fun, yet challenging sport and that´s why it´s important that we take care of our body. Our bodies get tired, and sometimes a good night sleep just isn´t enough for it to recover. Thats why we are proud to present the oppertunity to get a really nice massage conveniently located at our surfcamp, in Seminyak.


The Spa is based in one of our Teapees, wich gives it a tropical and relaxing feeling. You get welcomed by a clean and fresh, yet comfy atmosphere in a cool room with AC. The massuse is experienced and very professionall. She will make the massage totally adjusted for your bodys specific needs.


After a massage here at Seminyak Camp you will be more than ready to face the challenges the ocean has to offer you.


Since we feel that a massage is a great complement to your training, aswell as an awesome way to just relax, we offer every camper in Seminyak camp a 20 MINUTES FREE massage! During these 20 minuets you get a full body massage and a chance to spoil yourself and your body. Just talk to the staff at the front desk and they will hook you up with an appointment.