Bali surf spots

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Bali is offering various surf spots all over the island! Bali should be on your list whether you’re a total beginner and never even touched a board or if you’re a pro looking for some barrels or you want to work on your backflip skills!

We talk about the west and east coast when choosing the perfect Bali surf spots for you. The west coast is offering perfect waves in the dry season, which is typically from April to November and from our Canggu camp, which is located in the western part tof Bali, you can access our home break “Old Man” within a few walking minutes. Our Seminyak camp is just a stone’s throw from spots as “Kudeta”, “Gado Gado” or “Nixoma”.

I start by demonstrating my own investigation of the profound feeling of spot that I created In Australia as a surfer and instructor, and after that consid-er the change of that feeling of spot when 1 evacuated and moved to Bali. This story at that point shapes the establishment of an intensive exchange of the three noteworthy advances vital for otherworldly, intellectual, and emotional discovering that lead to a privately based natural and social personality; another sense of spot. All through this exchange the hypothesis of feeling of spot entwines and I happaned to try these out auassignmenthelp methods for creating personalities related with spot, and of profoundly giving up.

Each wave offered was this kind of spiritual ride upon the shoulders of  the ocean, coming into that intersection between myself and a power much  greater than myself. The human-ocean interaction of walking on water  cleanses, invigorates, heals, brightens, and enlivens the soul during the  long, dark days of winter. The life inside me was rekindled and warmed into  a blissful state.   After a long session, the hot shower experience of tearing the wetsuit off  my body is needed. I started to thaw, as winter thaws into spring. The long,  dark days from mid-November through middle to late April are character-building, forcing people toward solitude and reflection. Over the years, the body  and mind come to expect the seasonal shifts. The cold and rainy days of winter end with the lilacs blooming, filling the warmer air with an intoxicating  fragrance, announcing to every bodily sense springs arrival. Soon the smell  of neighbourhood barbeques and sounds of people gathering fills the senses with the much-needed human interactions.

You should take the time to visit the famous surf spot Uluwatu, which is located at the Peninsula Bukit, the southern part of beautiful Bali. “Ulus” is offering the perfect left and when the largest swell hits Bali, it turns into big-wave surfing. Our Padang and Green Bowl camps offer quick access to all the spots in the Bukit: “Padang Padang”, “Dreamland”, “Bingin” to name just a few.

Perfect waves are available almost every day in Bali, but the east coast offers better conditions in the so-called wet season from December to March. Grab your board and let our guides bring you to stunning spots as “Mushroom”, “Green Bowl” or “Sanur Reef”.




Tide charts

Here you can download your monthly Bali tide charts as PDF: