Introducing Our Learn-To-Surf Program

If you didn’t surf before or have gone to surfing lessons just a couple of times but are keen to learn and strive for the correct surf techniques, then our Learn-to-Surf (LTS) package might be the option just for you.

With LTS, you will immerse yourself in surfing theory and acquire basic surfing skills in only five days.

Five days? really?

Yes! Here is a quick overview of our 5-day LTS program:

On day 1

We will introduce you to the sport of surfing. The day starts at the beach with a theory class outside of the water, where you will learn about surfing equipment, the basic skills you will have to learn, and, most importantly, the main surfing rules.

Then, you will learn how to stand up (pop-up) on your board outside of the water first and run some "dry" pop-up drills, so that your muscles can start developing some muscle memory for the pop-up. Finally, you will enter the water waist-deep and catch your first waves!

After the beach lesson, you will attend a pool session at our camp to refresh your pop-up technique and stance, improve your balance and work on your paddling.

Learn to Surf Learn to Surf

On day 2

You will be practicing in the water in white-water waves. You will work on improving your pop-up, learn about the energy of the waves and how to use it, and perfect your position on the surfboard. You will also learn how different movements and weight distribution on the surfboard affect your surfing style.

Learn to Surf

On day 3

You will learn how to turn the board, how to surf the wave to the left and the right, instead of just surfing it straight to the beach. You will be able to start catching green (unbroken) waves (if conditions are good and the ocean allows) and trimming on the face of the wave. Your surf instructor will always be close by, guiding and informing you on how to improve.

Learn to Surf

On day 4

You will keep improving your turning skills (front side and backside). After the beach session, we show you videos of how you surf and perform an analysis of your surfing together. Videos can help you better understand your current level, where you excel, and what can be improved.

Learn to Surf

On day 5

You will keep practicing the turning, reinforce the basic rules of surfing etiquette, and learn how to safely reach the lineup (where surfers sit and wait for the waves).

Can I go pro after the program?

Not yet. This program is a foundation for your future development as a surfer. It is a serious sport that requires time, perseverance, and commitment. So, even after this program, there will still be plenty for you to learn. In surfing, there is always room for improvement, and the sky is the limit.

Also, be aware that you might get the “bug” of surfing. There is no cure, but symptoms are relieved by frequent surf trips, and you may even start planning your next trip before you return home 😊

Where do we practice?

Our surf school in Bali is located on the fun beach break of Double Six beach in Seminyak and has perfect and consistent white-water waves that are ideal for beginners. Getting to your feet and riding waves for the first time is a memory you will never forget.

Learn to Surf

Is it safe?

Yes, our coaches have years of surfing and coaching experience and provide an environment, where you can practice in complete safety and quickly progress to the next level.

Learn to Surf