Basic Bahasa Indonesia:

The Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesian was introduced in 1945 after Indonesia’s declaration of independence. It is, therefore, a very young language and various slangs have developed very quickly, especially in the larger cities.

At school, the children learn their island language plus Bahasa Indonesian, a bit like we learn a foreign language.

The language is very simple. There are no articles and the verbs are not declined in tenses. Balinese is, on the other hand, a completely different language, which has nothing in common with Bahasa Indonesian. It is still spoken all over Bali and, with its three levels, it is very complex.


Bahasa Indonesian 

Below you can see the words used for the present and the past. There is only one word added to make this distinction.

I go to the beach: Saya pergi ke pantai 

Yesterday I went to the beach: Kemarin saya pergi ke pantai 

Here are a few phrases that will help you to get through the day, and you will see how pleased the people are when they notice that you are making the effort to speak their language.

Coba saja – Just give it a go!

photos from @cosmos-companions