On the biggest swell to hit Indonesia in years, Jack Robinson, 20, won the 2018 Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang. Robinson has been invited to Padang Padang since he was 15, but never made it into the finals.

There were three Padang local surfers in the final – Mega Semadhi, Made Ari Putra, Agus “Black” Setiawan – and Robinson. For Putra and Semadhi it was their fifth Rip Curl Cup Finals and both were trying to become the first three-time champion in Rip Curl Cup history.

In the crucial set of the finals, Jack caught the first wave and scored an incredible 9,90. Defending Champion Mega Semadhi had a dead sure 10 but got caught by the lip. In the next set Robinson got an epic 10 leaving the local boys with a need for two perfect 10s to win. So at the end of the final heat, Jack Robinson was crowned the winner of the 2018 Rip Curl Cup, but all four finalists were happy to have surfed one of the heaviest days at Padang in recent memory.


1st Jack Robinson (AUS) 19.90

2nd Agus “Blacky” Setiawan (IND) 17.15

3rd Made Adi Putra (IND) 15.75

4th Mega Semadhi (IND) 11.00