Surf Wear Advice:

Yes, surfing does look cool (if you’re doing it right). But the journey can be long to get to the point where wipeouts are rare and messing up your duck dives is a thing of the past. It might look easy but remember it is still a sport and takes a lot of practice. In the meantime, while you’re trying to get to that level why don’t I save you some embarrassment of returning to the beach in nothing but your birthday suit 😉

Struggling with wardrobe malfunctions in the water is not enjoyable but most women (and men) put up with it because the waves are worth it. 

Fear no more though, I have some swimwear advice to hopefully put the worry of losing your swimsuit to the ocean at rest. It’s been a lot of trial and error. This includes but is not limited to, accidentally flashing my boobs at a guy when popping up on a wave and having my bikini bottoms end up around my ankles. 

First off the best bikini tops that I have found are the one’s that have a cross back and are very similar to sports bras. Obviously if a huge set comes through things are going to shift around but it’ll still stay on and that’s what we want. Bikini bottoms on the other hand are another story. I’ve tried quiet a few and the only thing I can say on the matter is the tighter the better but you’re still probably going to moon the odd surfer once in a while. 

If you’re sick of bikinis, which I am, then getting yourself a full piece suit can work wonders (depending on the style)! A razor back full piece for example is not coming off, sure you still get the occasional wedgie but it’s better than your bikini being swept to shore without you in it. Using a long sleeve full piece is also a good idea if you’re looking to protect yourself from the sun during the day! It looks stylish and you’re being smart about the sun. 

Surf leggings are another thing to consider having in your wardrobe. These are good to use if you’re a beginner to stop scrapping your knees on your board and it is also helpful if you have a sunburn on your legs or are trying to prevent one! Plus, theses things are not coming off any time soon. Just throw them over your swimsuit and get out there. 

Of course boards shorts are also an option! They can be useful to preventing your swimsuit from coming off. The only draw back being the inevitable short tan and chafing.

For you men, the only advice I can give is wear a t-shirt in the water if you want to protect yourself against the sun and getting a rash from the board. And if you didn’t already know here in Bali, wetsuits are not necessary. The main concern is the sun! So make sure to bring some form of UV protection whether it’s sun cream, zinc or a long sleeve rash vest. Protect yourself, no one likes sun burns.

By Our Guest Blogger